From SF
With Love

It all started on a bright, sunny day at the start of 2019. There was something in the air, and a small group of jewelry lovers in San Francisco were onto something special...

A Common Feeling

In a jewelry space with traditionally exorbitant prices and markups, jewelry lovers are often only able to pick just one or two pieces, even when their hearts desire to try so many more.

A Vision of
A Collection

It quickly became clear after selling out of all our first designs within a week that people like to be able to try more pieces of jewelry. And we feel the same way! It's like building a collection of your favorite pieces to mix and match daily.

With an
Everyday Purpose

What began with just a few pieces soon grew into us crafting hundreds of different pieces for everyday wear — each made with quality and detail, while also being fun, casual, and affordable.

Now Shared
With You

With over one hundred thousand pieces crafted and sold each year, we like to think we make it easier than ever for jewelry lovers to start a collection and try more jewelry. This has been our work of love, and it's now shared with you.