About NOW Jewelry

✨ The Mission ✨

Experience an everyday jewelry paradise with us! Here at NOW, we prioritize being fun, casual, and affordable. Straight from the heart of SF, we're a small team of jewelry lovers who want to share our sparkling pieces of magic with you! Have fun, we look forward to connecting and seeing your sparkly collection! 

Everyday Jewelry Stories

We craft and deliver premium, sparkling pieces of magic designed from our headquarters in SF. We especially pride ourselves on jewelry that doesn't break the bank. You can create your own personal jewelry collection with as many pieces as your heart desires! It's like having your cake and eating it too! ✨

Let's Stay Connected

Did you know we release 2-3 new designs every week? It's a lot of new jewelry to craft, sizes to mold but everyday jewelry defines us, so it's part of our name, mission, crafts, price, and delivery. And we want these beautiful, sparkling pieces of sparkling jewelry to be an everyday part of your life too! Click here for New Arrivals

Thanks for reading. Cheers to your everyday jewelry collection! 

xoxo ~ From the NOW Jewelry Family (@nowjewelrystore on FB & IG)